Governing Board

TTA was established through a collaborative effort involving the school system, local unions, and businesses. As a result, the school is overseen by a Governing Board comprised of representatives from these entities.

This framework puts into practice the idea of the school as a partnership between education and business. The members of the Governing Board represent the decision-making entities within the TPS system, local businesses, industry, and labor unions. The business, industry, and union representatives on the Governing Board regularly engage with area business leaders to gather their input and present it to the Board, which convenes on a regular basis to discuss various issues and opportunities. The Board determines the school's direction, which is then implemented by the school staff. The TTA Governing Board, along with business partners (including representatives from businesses, industry, and academic representatives from schools), provide valuable input and guidance to the program.



Romules Durant, Superintendent and CEO Toledo Public Schools (Ex-Officio Member)

Jennifer Spoores, Executive Director of Schools

Nate Eaton, Governing Board Chair

Wes Bunch, Organizational Development Consultant

Kevin Dalton, President - Toledo Federation of Teachers (TFT)

Amie Huffman, TFT Representative

Emilio Ramirez, President - TAAP/UAW Local 5242

Wayne Blanchard, U.A.W. Region 2B  

Tony Totty, President - U.A.W. Local 14

Hilal Ibrahim, General Motors Engineering

Jonathan Bridges – Jobs Ohio

Bryan Bosch, UT College of Engineering

Susan M. Rowe-Finley, Senior Director TTA of Engineering