The University of Toledo and Toledo Technology Academy (TTA) of Engineering created a program that assists local high school junior students, who are already planning to attend The University of Toledo’s College of Engineering in a specified engineering major upon high school graduation, and jump starts his/her degree in the engineering major of their choice.


  • Affiliated with 1 of 8 such mandatory programs in the country (a prestigious program).
  • A mandatory co-op program means you are guaranteed to be placed in a work experience (co-
    op) specific to your major.
  • The UT College of Engineering has a mandatory co-op program for the Engineering Sciences and
    if you are going into the Engineering Technology majors you can co-op too (not mandatory for
    the technology majors).
  • Work with a co-op advisor who assists you in a co-op placement and a full-time job upon
  • The opportunity to attend 2 career fairs per year (co-op/full time job search) with a large array
    of employers to apply to and interview with.


  • Books, tuition and fees are paid for through TPS College Credit Plus
  • Not offered by any other district - exclusive to TTA of Engineering only.
  • Student is a dual student during senior year of high school (UT Campus; TTA of Engineering).
  • Student finishes first year of their chosen engineering major (you’re not just taking CCP gen. ed.
  • After graduation attend UT as a sophomore status in your major.
  • Able to go out on Co-op Experiences sooner, therefore offsetting semester tuition costs sooner.
  • ELITE students graduate from college a year sooner than normal.


  • Must enroll in Toledo Technology Academy of Engineering for your senior year.
  • 24 Math ACT Score Minimum.
  • 3.6 unweighted GPA minimum.
  • Helpful if you have taken pre-calc but not necessary.
  • A 250-word essay “What I know and like about (your chosen major) Engineering” prepared for
    your interview.
  •  Final decision is based on several metrics: Interview, essay, ACT Score, and GPA.
The Valedictorian and Salutatorian for Toledo Technology Academy of Engineering will be the students that have attended all 4 years of high school at TTA of Engineering. No eligibility for this status regarding out of district or other TPS transfer students who partake in the ELITE program.